Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I contest my ticket?

Two of the most common concerns are (1) Insurance Rates and (2) Employment. Insurance carriers use your driving record to determine your insurance premium. Potential employers use driving records to determine whether or not to hire you. In addition to insurance rates and employability it is important to protect your driver's license. Too many convictions is one way your driver's license can be suspended.  

If you have a provisional license (juvenile) your license can be suspended for the second moving violation ticket in any 12 month period. A regular license can be suspended upon the fourth moving violation conviction in any 12 month period. There are some offenses which by themselves can result in the suspension of your driving privilege. Before you enter into any plea agreement make sure you are fully aware of the impact it can have.

Separate from the issue of suspension is the relatively new Driver Responsibility Program (DRP). Convictions for certain violations accrue points and the points determine whether or not you should be surcharged for you driver's license and if so how much. Some offenses do not result in points but automatically result in a surcharge.

NOT HAVING A DRIVER'S LICENSE DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM THESE RULES! You can accrue points, surcharges, and even have your right to drive suspended even though you have NEVER had a driver's license.

If you are beginning to think that keeping up with and understanding all of the driver's license rules is a full time job, well, you're right and that's where we come in.

David S. Sprecher